Beatie Wolfe

Singer songwriter Beatie Wolfe is at the forefront of pioneering new formats for music, which ‘reunite tangibility, storytelling & ceremony to the album in the digital age’. She has created a series of world’s-first designs that blur the physical and the digital. These include: a 3D vinyl for the iPhone; an intelligent album deck of cards; a Musical Jacket (which was designed by the tailor who dressed Bowie, Jagger and Hendrix) cut from fabric woven with Wolfe’s music. She also developed the world’s first live 360 ̊ AR album stream, broadcast from the quietest room on earth,a unique performance space built around the Nokia Bell Labs’ anechoic chamber.

Beatie Wolfe in the anechoic chamber, Nokia Bell Labs (image by Swannsong1 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Beatie Wolfe is the definition of a 21st century artist and perhaps the only musician to have her album’s art exhibited in London’s V&A Museum, to have addressed the VPs of Apple on innovation and have the American Alzheimer’s Association adopt the findings from her Power of Music & Dementia study. Forbes calls Wolfe “an Artist with a capital A” for mixing music with art, technology, science and taking it to entirely new dimensions. She has been described as “Ground-breaking” (BBC News), “Ingenious” (Fast Company), “Extraordinary” (Forbes) and one of “22 folk changing the world” by WIRED Magazine (2017).