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NECTAR ADS is the first online advertising network devoted exclusively to the visual arts.

As the premier network for reaching the influential art world of New York and beyond NECTAR ADS provides multiple-points of contact for you to make an impact and advertise your products, services or events by supporting the sites that your audience loves to read.

Nectar Ads appear on art sites that attract over 150,000 visitors and generates over 350,000 ad impressions each month.

Highly Targeted & Influential Audience

Featuring readers of four of the art world’s leading blogs, Art Fag CityHyperallergicArt Market ViewsRhizome our highly-targeted audience of art world professionals in New York City and beyond provides an ideal audience to introduce your brand to.
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Well Vetted and Curated Sponsors

We are very selective about the sponsors we accept. We carefully curate our advertising to be relevant, interesting, and engaging so that readers know the quality of our endorsement and that we respect their attention and support of our sponsors.

Limited Number of Advertisers

There are only 5 Featured Ad spots available each month. This essentially gives each advertiser 20% of the impressions.

The Ads

Nectar Ads offers advertisers 2 types of banner ads

  • Featured Ads (static 300 x 250 image banner)
  • Sponsor Squares (static 125 x 125 image banner)

Sponsored Post Opportunities
Select advertisers can increase their exposure and engagement with sponsored posts that appear directly within each blog.

Pricing and Availability

The current rate for a Featured Ad spot with Nectar Ads is $500 per ad per month.