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Dr Carol Major

Founder, Advanced Narrative

Dr Carol Major is an author, teacher and creative communicator. She cares about finding the authenticity and integrity within any narrative.

She has proven herself to be an innovative thinker from early days of creating the original wildlife segment for Behind the News through to the application of narrative to building design.

Carol holds a Doctorate degree in creative writing from the University of Technology. The subject of her Masters degree, conducted at the same university, included an exploration of the processes through which location becomes both personal and public “place”. Carol’s expertise in this area led to the creation of a boutique consultancy focused on the identity of place within architecture, which has changed thinking on building development. She has consulted to GPT and Lend Lease on projects in Charlestown, Wollongong, Darwin, Rouse Hill and Maroochydore.

Carol’s early career was hallmarked by her commitment to communicate technical information to the wider community to allow people to make informed choices. She conceived and produced content for a wide range of inventive print and audiovisual materials for organisations such as the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Foundation, The Addiction Research Foundation and Barrie City Council in Canada. In the latter role she was instrumental in gathering stories that were used to successfully lobby for Ontario’s first provincially funded day care centre meeting the needs of single mothers.

Carol’s expertise in community engagement is also well-regarded. Education campaigns in child safety, using a community approach that ensured local involvement, earned her the Lady Derham Scholarship from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Over the years Carol has written for a wide range of clients including the NSW Department of Health, The Nous Group, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, HCOA (now Affinity Health), Research Australia, Of Substance Magazine and the Criminal Research Council. She has also taught creative writing at the University of Technology, Sydney and is an associate of Ink to Screen and Varuna (The National Writer’s House) where she provides manuscript assessment and mentoring services.

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Dr Carol Major

Founder, Advanced Narrative

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