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  • Helen Cook - Chair, Chamber of Arts and Culture, WA

Introduction: Growing the Creative Industries in WA

“The Government is committed to growing our creative industries sector and REMIX Academy Perth offers this community the opportunity to tap into thinking from around the globe. Last year's conference drew wide-spread praise from the sector and we are pleased to support once again this initiative by the Chamber and the City."

Assembling the Innovation 'Dream Team': Lessons from Brazil

Marcela specializes in innovation and studies and experiments with the practical impact of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital fabrication, robotics, biohacking, big data, and the Internet of things on society. In this session, Marcela explains how the Museum of Tomorrow utilises radical new mindsets, structures and processes to draw specialists together to deliver world-class creative innovation on very tight budgets.

Painting the Future: REMIX

REMIX Academy Perth will take you on a journey to explore trends shaping the cultural and creative sectors, and how this intersects with technology and entrepreneurship. Opportunities range from new creative platforms and products, to cultural tourism and placemaking, to new expectations around user experiences, to new ways of working. This introductory session from REMIX founders Simon and Peter offers an overview of the innovators inside and outside the creative sectors ahead of the curve and worth watching.

Experience Economy – Creating Extraordinary Moments and Stories That Get People Talking

What are the sophisticated strategies required to respond to living in a world of sensory overload? In this talk, Tamasein recounts her entreprenuerial story of creating Underground Cinema, considering some of the ingredients necesary for creative entreprenuership and creating bold new experiences.



New Opportunities in VR & Mixed Reality

A new era of technologies are changing the way we physically interact with the world around us, blurring the line between the physical and the digital. Such technologies open up new possibilities for more tailored and personalised experiences and content, in turn enhancing interaction, understanding and engagement. In this session we explore the implications and opportunities for the cultural and creative industries as well as the communities they serve.

11:15 - 11:45: VR Storytelling and the Impact of Technology - New Frontiers at Sundance 
As the largest film festival in the US, Sundance champions and curates independent stories for the stage and screen. New Frontier at Sundance Institute is a dynamic initiative created to identify and foster independent artists working at the convergence of film, art, media, live performance, music and technology. It provides the highest level of curation in the emerging field, incorporating fiction, non-fiction and hybrid projects to showcase VR storytelling, multi-media installations, performances and films. In this talk, Hussain considers the future of storytelling and the impact of technology on this, exploring how how digital is changing distribution and business models.

11:45 - 12:00: Building Worlds & Creating Experiences through Immersive Content and VR
Justin McArdle - Founder, Frame Labs
Frame VR is an award-winning developer of virtual reality content based in Perth. Frame VR employ a wealth of creative disciplines, from real-time virtual reality to online digital, augmented reality, and 360 video production to push boundaries. In 2014, Frame VR won a WA State Heritage Award for the ground-breaking Time Window augmented reality experience, and several WA Screen Awards for the highly innovative short film Factory 293. Frame received the 2015-2016 Most Creative Media/Entertainment Technology Award at the 25th Annual WAITTA INCITE awards for the augmented reality project ANZAC Tom, as well as a nomination at the 2016 WA Screen Awards in the Best Interactive Narrative category for the historical virtual reality project, Diggers VR. Diggers VR has also just been nominated for Best Animated Narrative Film at this year’s VR Fest, and was also a nominee in the inaugural Virtual Reality/360 Video category at the 2016 Australian Effects and Animation Festival (AEAF).


How can we package the content assets of cultural and creative organisations in new, lateral ways to reach new audiences and those who do not traditionally engage with cultural content? In this session, we explore innovative approaches to tailoring the messaging and medium to create engagement.

12:00 - 12:15: The Power of Content Formats for Reaching New Audiences
Komixx is an independent film and TV production company and rights owner. It acquires, develops and produces feature films and TV series for the kids to young-adult audience. In this talk, Amanda shares their early creative process for designing innovative programming and formats, with a view to applying these techniques in arts programming to reach beyond existing converts.

12:15 - 12:30: Brand Advocacy and 'Influence by Volume'
How can you drive engagement through social media without large budgets? In this talk, Michelle shares insights into brand advocacy and gaining influence through a range of social platforms, providing best practice case studies and practical tips for delivering improved marketing outcomes.

12:30 - 13:00: Lessons from Mona - the creative start-up, museum (Mona), winery (Moorilla), brewery (MooBrew), festival (MOFO), restaurant (The Source), a convention and accommodation business, and hopefully the world's weirdest caravan park




In this session, we explore opportunities to put the cultural and creative industries front and centre stage for visitors and residents alike. Travel is changing. Tourists increasingly tire of overcrowded hotspots and yearn for the authentic local experience and road untravelled, whilst popular destinations struggle to balance the often conflicting demands of locals and travellers. Here we consider some of the latest developments in cultural tourism, identifying examples of best practice as well as the opportunities and challenges facing Western Australia.

14:00 - 14:20: No Barriers, No Excuses... Lessons in Cultural Tourism from the Broome Story

14:20 - 14:40: Perth's Sense of Place

14:40 - 15:00: Placemaking and Cultural Tourism


In this keynote, we explore another innovative 'vessel' for cultural content as an inspiration for developing new models to reach mainstream audiences with cultural content. Ekow explores how The Calvert 22 Foundation launched an online journal as part of a quest to brand a region from a small office in Shoreditch, providing incredible insights into online journalism, new models for cultural institutions, and cultural tourism.

In this talk, we hear the inside story of the award-winning online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture and creativity of the New East (eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia), delivering a mix of daily features, news, interviews and photography.




Tenille built a multi million dollar social media company in under 2 years, has been recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with 'The Australian Leadership Award' (only presented to 20 people in Australia) and was awarded the 'Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence'.

In this special talk, Tenille shares a philosophical dialogue into the evolution of consciousness within the digital realm and the legacy imprint on the human family and our future leaders of today. That every thought, every mouse click,  every word that we speak,  that we share,  that we tweet – all adds up to the collective digital consciousness. What impact does this have on the creative and cultural sectors, and how can we harness digital consciousness and emotional literacy as creative leaders and educators?

Income Generation through Brand Extensions: Lessons from Time Out

How can an organisation use assets such as brand, content, expertise or spaces in new ways to create revenue sources? In this talk, Michael Rodrigues, CEO of Time Out Australia, shares some of the brand's experiences of developing new propositions including the Time Out Market in Lisbon, Portugal.


URBAN NATION Museum Berlin is 10 years in the making, providing a masterclass for REMIX Academy Perth delegates on designing a thoroughly modern museum from the ground up and building a community to achieve it.

URBAN NATION is much more than just a building. Urban Space all over the world is declared an inspiring, integrative zone of action where artists, creatives and the public come together. At its heart are artists who think differently, create new things and exhibit, form networks and enjoy a creative dialogue. It approaches people, embraces neighbours, activates communitites and brings together cultures in urban districts. URBAN NATION takes responsibility for the city and gives something back to it: urban art and enthusiasm for our neighbourhoods.

Yasha guides us through her 10-year path to launching this new museum for street art in Berlin: harnessing community and digital technologies, inspiring a wide range of stakeholders around the vision, activating the physical spaces and developing cultural tourism.



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