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Nate welcomes REMIX delegates to A/D/O, located in a 23,000 square foot former warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Industrial Business Zone. He shares A/D/O's vision and story so far, including why MINI chose to invest in creating this space for creative exchange.

Welcome & Key Trends - What's Next?

In this introductory session, REMIX co-founder Peter Tullin sets the scene for two days of discussion and discovery. This talk provides an overview briefing on key trends and opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, innovators and policy makers at the point of intersection between culture, technology and entrepreneurship.

Power Networking

REMIX is the place to meet new collaborators and get projects started. Start REMIX NYC 2018 by rapidly meeting and greeting a long line of potential new collaborators within your first hour of arrival. Using our innovative new networking format, you'll be asked to exchange your ideas with other innovators from the creative industries (freelancers, start-ups and established businesses), arts and culture institutions, corporate brands, public policy, media, technology businesses and many other industries.

Resilient City: Making Ideas Happen

What happens when we combine innovative approaches to entrepreneurship with environmental and social impact? In this session, we hear from a selection of entrepreneurs creating a greener, healthier city at the same time as finding new strategies to combine profit with purpose more effectively.

Creating Great Audio Content

In this keynote, Eric Nuzum reveals some of the creative approaches used by Audible for format development. In particular, how they target formats for different audiences, considering opportunities for packaging the content assets of institutions in new, lateral ways. The goal is to better understand the early creative process for designing innovative audio programming and formats that can reach beyond existing arts converts.



Digital Content & Storytelling

In this session, we continue to explore several innovative 'vessels' for cultural content to consider opportunities for new content models, both within existing organisations and for creative entrepreneurs looking to reuse and remix content:

Can You Hear Me Now?
Brands have spent billions on package design to stand out on the physical shelf, but now the e-commerce voice shelf has arrived. It’s getting smaller while the demand from consumers for voice commerce is growing exponentially. This leaves brand to create identities for when consumers can’t see the products, such as offering value adds, like recipes, or developing a unique “voice” or audio signature that makes their brands instantly recognizable. Brands need to move now to make sure they don’t miss the next revolution in branding and marketing.

Clear, Bold Arguments: A World View for Culture

The Case for Free, Open Content

VR as a Powerful Storytelling Medium



A new era of technologies are changing the way we physically interact with the world around us, blurring the line between the physical and the digital. Such technologies open up new possibilities for more tailored and personalised experiences and content, in turn enhancing interaction, understanding and engagement. In this session we explore the implications and opportunities for the cultural and creative industries as well as the communities they serve.

Celebrating art found in the virtual world
Loren Hammonds - Co-curator of Tribeca Immersive, Tribeca

Latest Innovation at Google Arts & Culture

Using tech to reach new audiences at BAM: TEKNOPOLIS and other stories


At a time where VR/AR are all the buzz, cultural organizations are grappling with how to use virtual experiences to draw existing audiences closer. The risk is creating an enhanced experience where the technology creates a barrier or detracts from the intimacy of simply being in a space or with the collection itself.

However, when done right, immersive storytelling allows visitors to feel something "magical," personal and immediate. Barriers go down and we look, feel, and remember things we would not have otherwise. 

We will discuss the Hirshhorn Eye, a web and mobile app that we are currently developing, and which will be released this summer at the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden. Factors that informed our decisions to use Image Recognition and immersive storytelling in a new way at the museum, as well as take aways from user testing, will be shared with the audience.

Recruiting Foreign National Talent

Recruiting talent is already a challenge - what if your ideal candidate needs a visa?  Immigration Attorney, Amanda Gupta will be available to generally discuss what visa options may be available, the pros and cons of each, and the affect (if any) of the current political climate.

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User interactions with creative organisations are becoming increasingly complex. They incorporate digital and physical touchpoints, pre-, during- and post-visit engagement, cultural and commercial objectives, and many other considerations. Users want to engage with content and services when, how and where they prefer. This session considers what this means in reality, exploring new ways of understanding and redesigning the user journey, through a mix of theory and best practice case studies:

What we've learnt at Cuseum about accelerating visitor engagement

Fusing the Physical and Digital Experience

Science and Technology as Cultural Expressions



17:30 Onwards: Drinks & Networking Reception at New Lab - 19 Morris Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205
REMIX is the place to meet new collaborators and get projects started. Our audience of creative leaders will be networking over drinks in one of NYC's most innovative hubs, joined by entrepreneurs who are defining the future of technology and human experience in advanced technology — in disciplines including robotics, AI, connected devices, nanotechnology, urban tech, and more.


A drop-in chill space much like a silent disco, but with comfy chairs, a quiet vibe, and curated playlists. Enter at any time between sessions, meetings, or just when you need to take a break, close your eyes and open your ears. Organized by Antenna International.

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Keynote: Susan Marenoff-Zausner - President, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Welcoming REMIX NYC to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, its president Susan Marenoff-Zausner introduces some of the strategies and processes currently underway at the museum as it explores new ways to connect with the city and its diverse audiences. Susan will explore how to root the museum within the city communities it serves, managing internal innovation whilst designing new museum services and visitor experiences, and explores the collaborations helping to drive their innovation forward.


Whilst demand for urban living continues to rise, most global cities are facing major challenges to their creative infrastructure. Many creatives need to move to less expensive cities; cities compete to deliver innovative strategies to support their evening and night-time economies; whilst the balance of tourism and local needs continues to trouble many popular destinations. Given this context, this session considers some of the ingredients necessary to ensure NYC and other major cities continue to thrive as global creative capitals.

Peer-to-Peer Learning and the Next Chapter for High Line

Creating a more Nuanced Portrait of a City
Aaron Foley - City Storyteller in Residence, Detroit

Reflecting on the Lessons from the Brooklyn Experience

Creative Infrastructure and Social Entrepreneurship


Renegade Tours and Building Teams: Inside Museum Hack

Since its launch, Museum Hack has reimagined the museum tour and found new audiences in some very hard-to-reach places. In this talk, Founder Nick Gray reflects on the entrepreneurial journey of building a cultural enterprise from scratch. He also considers other opportunities to innovate across the museum's value chain, and identifies some of the transferable lessons from his experience for both aspiring creative entrepreneurs and arts institutions.


A drop-in chill space much like a silent disco, but with comfy chairs, a quiet vibe, and curated playlists. Enter at any time between sessions, meetings, or just when you need to take a break, close your eyes and open your ears. Organized by Antenna International.





Many companies struggle to get the right balance between structured efficiency and entrepreneurial flexibility. Publicly-funded organisations often feel an extra pressure to spend every penny wisely and this can sometimes impact speed of response or their ability to seize new opportunities. True innovation and transformative ideas come through taking calculated risks and allowing for failure. This talk explores how Dow Jones approaches these competing considerations.



Incubating Ideas – New Infrastructure for the Creative industries

How can the arts better support innovation and disruptive new ideas? How do we join the dots between different parts of the creative industries including technology to facilitate new types of partnerships that could lead to new innovation? This session explores the opportunities and challenges of nurturing entrepreneurs with input from a range of experts from inside and outside the creative industries:

Rethinking Housing through Community-Minded Shared Living

Considering the Next Chapter for NEW INC


Creating Meaningful Experiences Through Design

Creating layered experiences and building community has always been at the forefront for WeWork. Jeremiah Britton, WeWork’s Creative Director of Art & Graphics, will discuss how his team uses art to shape design and community engagement across WeWork locations, globally. He'll offer insight into WeWork's in-house design team's creative process and how WeWork’s dynamic environments reflect local roots, foster community engagement, and provide a platform that inspires people to do their best work.

FIRESIDE CHAT: Entrepreneurship and a Culture of Innovation at GE

GE harnesses breakthrough ideas by engaging with startups and researchers in new ways. In this talk, Chief Marketing Officer at GE, Linda Boff, explores how the company manages its innovation processes, and how their work supports and partners with entrepreneurs for mutual benefit.


A drop-in chill space much like a silent disco, but with comfy chairs, a quiet vibe, and curated playlists. Enter at any time between sessions, meetings, or just when you need to take a break, close your eyes and open your ears. Organized by Antenna International.

Lunch & Networking


The Role of Culture in City Challenges

The Museum of the City of New York celebrates and interprets the city, educating the public about its distinctive character, especially its heritage of diversity, opportunity, and perpetual transformation. In this talk, we explore the city’s ongoing challenges of housing, population growth, embracing diversity, transportation, and climate change, and consider the role of cultural institutions in these challenges.


ArtPlace focuses its work on creative placemaking, which describes projects in which art plays an intentional and integrated role in place-based community planning and development. This brings artists, arts organizations, and artistic activity into the suite of placemaking strategies pioneered by Jane Jacobs and her colleagues, who believed that community development must be locally informed, human-centric, and holistic.

In this talk, Executive Director Jamie Bennett highlights their approach and latest innovations for creative placemaking, considering what ingredients are necessary for creating and sustaining a creative city ecosystem for the long term.

Integrating strategy, design, architecture and digital media into the visitor experience



The Future of Work

Brett Wallace is a conceptual artist and entrepreneur whose art practice involves an exploration of the labor model and territories within accelerated capitalism through video, narrative storytelling and installation. A recent review in artcritical shared how Wallace’s work examines the “gap between lived experience and digital immateriality that these workers inhabit daily.” In this talk, Brett shares his exploration into the future of work, artistic interventions and what this future may mean for society at large.

Making Ideas Happen: Closing Remarks