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Liz Tran

Founder, Reset (NYC) (Wellness advisers for Facebook, MTV & formerly VP Talent, Thrive Capital - Warby Parker, Kickstarter, Harry's, Slack & More)

Reset is a modern wellness company that is based in NYC with customers around the world including Facebook, MTV, Glossier, Alma, and Anne Taylor.

I always had a dual life. As an executive working in tech and venture capital for more than a decade, I managed teams and helped companies like Airtable and Glossier find the talent needed to grow from 10-person startups to organizations with more than 500 employees. I talked to founders every single day, helping them find solutions to big problems. While deeply rewarding, it is a high-pressure, high-stress industry and I, like many others in the fast-paced corporate world, needed an outlet to stay balanced in order to work to my full potential and not burn out.

I've also been a yoga practitioner since I was 18, and in 2012, I took a year-long sabbatical from work to travel the world, spending three months on an ashram in India to study yoga. This turned into a spiritual introduction for me. When I came back to New York, I started teaching yoga and meditation in my apartment on the weekends while working my full-time 'real' job during the week. I started seeing an executive coach who talked about maintaining my energy; that's how I got into reiki. I started doing meditations before big meetings. The 'always-on' mentality of my work culture made me realize there's a big business opportunity to provide professionals with tools to integrate wellness at work in a way that felt easy, not forced. Feeling more balanced and focused than ever, I set out to find a way to bring what I'd learned into the workplace so others could benefit, too.

After a few years of a side hustle teaching meditation and working as an executive coach, I decided to leave my corporate job and open up Reset, a professional career coaching and wellness studio, to answer the question so many of my friends and colleagues had: Where do I go if I'm trying to grow and learn as a person and a professional? When you're working on a startup, it's your whole life -- even if you're not the founder -- and you can get burnt out if you don't stay connected to your personal goals or purpose and take care of yourself. I wanted to create a space that combines the holistic wellness practices I'd learned and that had helped me over the years to recenter, focus and climb the career ladder with executive coaching, team building and learning new workplace skills.

Vince Kadlubek

Co-Founder & CEO, Meow Wolf (USA) - named one of the 'Top 5 experiences in the world' by Time Out & investors include George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones author

Robert Lowe

Head of Value Creation, LEGO Ventures

Liz Tran

Founder, Reset (NYC) (Wellness advisers for Facebook, MTV & formerly VP Talent, Thrive Capital - Warby Parker, Kickstarter, Harry's, Slack & More)

Axel Rüger

Chief Executive, Royal Academy of Arts (formerly Director, Van Gogh Museum)

Arike Oke

Director, Black Cultural Archives

Siobhan Reddy

Studio Director, Media Molecule (Creator, LittleBigPlanet & named in Fortune's '10 Most Powerful Women in Gaming')

Clare Reddington

CEO, Watershed & Visiting Professor, University of the West of England

Patrick Foret

Director of Business Initiatives & Partnerships, Art Basel

Marcus Davey

Chief Executive & Artistic Director, The Roundhouse

Rafe Offer

CEO & Co-Founder, Sofar Sounds (formerly Global Marketing Director, Disney; Global Marketing Director, Coca Cola; and Director of Innovation at Diageo)

Alex Fleetwood

Head of Studio, Niantic London (creators of Beasts of Balance & Pokémon GO, formerly Founder, Hide & Seek)

Stella Hall

Festival Director, Festival of Thrift (Winner, The Observer Ethical Awards)

Robert Diament

Co-host (with Russell Tovey), Talk Art podcast & Director, Counter Editions & Carl Freedman Gallery, Margate

Katrina Larkin

Co-Founder, Fora (former Co-founder, The Bill Chill festival)

Tim Marlow

Incoming CEO, Design Museum

Alice Mayor

Founder - We Built This City

Simon Walker

Founder & CEO, Marquee TV (Netflix for arts & culture fans)

Charlotte Appleyard

Director of Development & Business Innovation, Royal Academy of Arts

Leo Kellgren-Parker

Founder, LIVR - the world’s first virtual reality content platform dedicated to theatre

Annette Mees

Head of Audience Labs, Royal Opera House