REMIX Academy is LIVE! 500+ Talks exploring the future of the creative industries

We are delighted to share REMIX Academy with our community. The team have been working day and night to prepare our treasure trove of REMIX talks into the wild and you can now access over 500 talks from our summits around the globe in locations ranging from New York to London and Sydney to Istabul. Going forward the platform will be continually updated with all of the latest talks from REMIX Summits as they happen.

You can hear from speakers as varied as the CEO of Burning Man Festival to NASA. From the creator of Glastonbury to the head of creative ventures at LEGO or hear the CEO of Meow Wolf tell the story of the meteoric rise of the world’s most exciting creative start-up or listen to the Co-Founder of the High Line Park in New York talk about the development of urban parks and the future of public space.

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You can subscribe to REMIX Academy from just £6 per month (paid annually) but we are also very aware that these are very challenging times for the creative sector that we exist to support so we have also developed 10+ hours of free webinars and trend briefings for creatives and cultural organisations exploring topics that many are grappling with right now such as digital business models, creative entrepreneurship and practical support in areas such as developing engaging video content and live-streaming.

We are working with a number of partners such as the City of Perth who have supported the development of this content and we are also partnering with others to support access to the broader REMIX Academy platform for those that could benefit from this sort of professional development opportunity. If you want to find out how you can join them and collaborate with us, please visit our Partners page.

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New research report from REMIX - Future-proofing tech for arts & culture organisations

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Want to learn more about how you can use technology to sell more tickets and meet customer needs? Eventbrite have come together with REMIX to produce a free research report ‘The Big Ticket Questions.’

You’ll read about:

  • Customer expectations,
  • Making sure your systems and marketing tools are talking to one another to create great communications,
  • Requirements of arts and cultural box offices,
  • Future proofing and keeping your in house system up to date,
  • A checklist of considerations for deciding whether to build in house or use an external solution

Download the report for free here - The Big Ticket Questions

Building the 21st Century Library – REMIX collaborates with State Library Victoria


REMIX have been working with the State Library team over the last 6 months as part of a $88 million project to redevelop State Library Victoria. More to follow on this but we are very excited that the first images of what lies in store for users have now been released to the media alongside the launch of a campaign to raise the final funds required to complete the project. You can find out more about the project and pledge your support here






Knowledge Palaces

The team at CultureLabel were very proud to see the opening of the stunning new Library of Birmingham having developed a commercial strategy for the building. It was a great privilege to work with the team there to help imagine what a library should look like in the 21st Century. To celebrate the launch, here are some images of the building as well as our pick of ‘super libraries’ from around the globe.




No-one can accuse libraries of not looking to the future when they see the Biblioteca Sandro Penna, Perugia for the first time. It’s positively Sci-Fi.

The Tama Art University Library is full of beautifully designed reflective spaces with high glass windows to bring the inside in.


580,000 books are crammed into the incredible internal structure of Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico. It’s generally not helpful to put books back in the wrong place but they could be lost forever here!

The vast interior at Seattle Library, USA hold over 1 million books and has been used to create incredible social spaces.

A glass pyramid filled with nothing but books

Book Mountain is an appropriate translation for this new library near Rotterdam

Stuttgart City Library, Germany.

Spaces evolved


Rough Trade recently opened up in NYC and lucky New Yorkers were treated to a cavernous space around four times larger than the store in East London. It might seem surprising that a record store has expanded so aggressively? Well, Rough Trade are the latest brand to work out that creating flexible space will allow then to change and adapt in the future. Learning from their experience in East London where they leapt from a record collectors Aladdin’s Cave in the form of their original iconic store to a warehouse with a cafe and small stage area, they have made an even bolder move. Rough Trade identified the growth of live performance in the music industry a few years ago and have made this even more central to the new store but they want to offer even more experiences and monetise an environment where people like to hang out. They know their audience in great detail as well as the value of these fans to other brands. They have formed careful partnerships with organisations that have similar brand values ranging from The Guardian to Tumblr.


Rough Trade  need to be able to change the environment from record store to performance space in the same day. For the same reasons the newest spaces cultural sector are becoming ever more flexible and multi-purpose. For example, Bl_nk, is a new type of arts venue in Shoreditch. A range of partners including Hackney Council, the V&A and creative agency Poke are involved in the venture. We recently took a range of creative leaders from the UK on a trend scouting mission around East London’s Silicon Roundabout as part of the REMIX Summit in the city to find out more and here are some of the insights.  28869995d14c3cdc86aac91a318186d7

The V&A’s Digital Curator, Louise Shannon talked to us about how Bl_nk is an experiment for them to play with a space that offers the possibility of new forms of creative collaboration between artists and technologists, producing both new creative output, expression and distribution. Bl_nk is also built on the pillars of Hackney House, a roaming pop-up venue that promotes the borough as a creative location but crucially also provided a space for events that brought together a network of creatives’ from a wide range of industries and organisations in the area. This loose cross-disciplinary group are at the heart of the different approach to the output of Bl_nk as they seek to co-produce creative projects and creative output from a wide range of sources.

bl-nk-outside01_small bl-nk-hackney-10-thumb-620x412-67853

New types of purpose built cultural spaces are also coming on stream in cities such as Dubai. The Dubai Design District (or d3 as it is also known) is a new facility on an epic scale designed to provide cutting edge infrastructure for the design community to both support local talent and pull in new creative industries into the emirate. The spaces will open in 2015 and will help creatives turn their ideas into new scaleable enterprises.


Finally, our favourite flexi-space at the moment is the magnificent La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris which is a veritable hive of art tech collaborations such as the one below and just down the road from the new Google Cultural Institute which has also applied the same kind of thinking to the use of space and programming approach.


Glamping at Leeds Castle

Experience the beauty and splendour of Leeds Castle for longer by sticking around overnight. So you can’t hop into a Four-Poster but you can still crank up the luxury factor with a glamping experience. For the uninitiated this is as the name suggests; camping combined with a bit of glamour. Think about your average Glastonbury experience and contrast that with lux tents with proper toilets and access to hair dryers (for some reason whenever I read about glamping, this last one always seems to be cited as an example of glamour).

Flashmob x Rembrandt

The spectacularly refurbished Rijksmuseum continued its innovative relaunch by taking over a shopping mall with a Flashmob in partnership with sponsors ING.

File:The Nightwatch by Rembrandt.jpg

The original Nightwatch.

New book by REMIX published by The Guardian

Disciples of Secret Cinema in fancy dress head to a showing of Lawrence of Arabia at Alexandra Palace. The event was seen by 15,000 people and the growth of the experience economy is one of the trends explored in REMIX

Over 300 culture professionals attended the inaugural REMIX Summit on Culture, Technology & Entrepreneurship which explored the trends and big ideas shaping culture. If you missed it then you can get a glimpse of what might be around the corner in our latest book, also called REMIX and published in partnership with The Guardian Culture Professionals Network. REMIX focuses on some of the key trends that every cultural organisations should be thinking about.

You can download the ebook free of charge here by joining up as a member of Guardian Culture Professionals (this is also free)